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2014 Summer
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LCD display
Part Number Digit(s) D.H(mm) Outline Size(mm) Product Description
NT-889 2 8.89 30.48x22.86 TN Reflective, 3V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-128 4 12.7 50.8x30.48 TN Reflective, 4.2V 1/3Duty 1/2 Bias, With Metal Pins
NT-878 6 8.89 63.5x22.86 TN Reflective, 5V 1/4Duty 1/3 Bias, With Metal Pins
NT-574 3 8.89 30.48x22.86 TN Reflective, 5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-127 3-1/2 12.7 50.7x30.5 TN Reflective, 3-5V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-413 4 12.7 50.8x30.5 TN Reflective, 3V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-821 2 8 20.32x15.24 TN Reflective, 5V 1/2Duty 1/2Bias, With Metal Pins
NT-121 2 12.7 28.0x30.5 TN Reflective, 3.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-175 2-1/2 12.17 30.0x26.17 TN Reflective, 3.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-321 3 12.7 42.4x30.5 TN Reflective, 3.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-112 3-1/2 10 42.0x22.0 TN Reflective, 5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-199 3-1/2 14.99 50.8x30.48 TN Reflective, 3.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-137 3 13.7 40.0x25.5 TN Reflective, 4.5V 1/4Duty 1/3Bias, With Metal Pins
NT-788 3-1/2 14.99 50.8x30.48 TN Reflective, 3.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-412 4 12.7 50.8x30.5 TN Reflective, 3.0-5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-781 3-1/2 17.8 69.8x38.1 TN Reflective, 5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-457 4 12.7 50.0x25.5 TN Reflective, 4.5V 1/4Duty 1/3Bias, With Metal Pins
NT-230 4 18 69.85x38.1 TN Transmissive, 5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-463 6 26.4 137.16x46.38 TN Transmissive, 5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins
NT-713 7 13 56.0x21.5 TN Reflective, 5.0V 1/4Duty 1/3Bias, With Metal Pins
NT-124 4+2 12 50.8*30.5 TN Reflective, 3.0-5.0V Static Drive, With Metal Pins

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